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Metal Roofing - Commercial

Commercial Metal Roofing

Industrial and commercial metal roofing product often require a custom approach. Legacy Roofing has the equipment and tools necessary to achieve the goals of any builder or developer when building a larger structure requiring custom metal solutions.

Legacy Roofing will craft products around your specific needs. Our tradesmen can create custom metal products, as well as work with pre-crafted solutions in order to achieve the requirements of the most complicated commercial structures. Flexibility in the build format is key when it comes to commercial roofing applications, and Legacy’s team excels in our ability to adapt.

Legacy can install any manufactures product in a commercial application, as well as creating their own from a variety of metal products.

We work with and can install any option that fits the project needs!

Legacy Roofing has a several experienced tradesmen that can install, repair, and provide an array of services for your residential roofing needs. With leadership experience in excess of three decades, and experienced crews from around the country at your disposal, your guaranteed the best installation or repair, for a great price. Our metal tradesmen are highly skilled craftsman, that can work with a large variety of metal roofing products.

Legacy’s mission is to establish itself as an honest, community focused business for the towns and cities around Arizona. Our goal is to ensure your roof will keep you dry, your house looking great, and your life worry free.